Saskia Van Lier

Reinvent your career to embark on a more fulfilling journey

  • Do you feel bored or stagnant in your current job or career?
  • Are you scared to make a change as you think it's too late?
  • Is there a better career for you? But you have no idea where to start?
  • Do you want to look forward to your future with renewed confidence, knowing that the next step you take is the right one?

Do you want to make a change in your career?

Hi, I’m Saskia van Lier, a Licensed Career Coach (CCS) and Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner.

I work with mid-career professionals who are looking for a change; be that a complete career change, a career shift, or a return to work after a break.

I will help you rediscover your value as a professional and identify career options that are better suited to you.

You don’t have to do it alone.

I offer a Career Reinvention Programme that consists of the following steps:

  • 1. ExploreYou will evaluate your career timeline to date. You will then embark on a voyage of self-discovery to uncover your interests, values, transferable/motivated skills, strengths, drivers, the conditions you need to be at your best, and so much more...
  • 2. ClarifyYou will uncover the common emerging patterns and themes, and discover what gives you career satisfaction.
  • 3. EnvisionYou will investigate, explore and short list your career possibilities (we may uncover some that you have never heard of before). You will then evaluate the reality of your preferred career choices.
  • 4. Action We will put together a personalised action plan to help you achieve your career goals, and define your job search strategy.

⭐️  Career coaching is an investment in yourself and your future.

Career Reinvention

career change coach

Career Reinvention Programme

Career change coach

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  • My coaching experience with Saskia has really surpassed my expectations. The sessions are interactive, challenging and enjoyable with Saskia making me feel genuinely supported and valued throughout the programme.

    Retail Manager
  • Working with Saskia was a fantastic experience, she’s warm, friendly, fun and super knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond… Highly, highly recommend!

    Emma R
    Senior Engineer
  • Brilliant to reflect on your career choices and move forward in a considered way. Great for confidence building. I would highly recommend!

    Sustainability Professional
  • Saskia is very professional whilst friendly and encouraging, I feel like she has been my own personal cheerleader during our sessions!

    Emma W
    Senior Finance Manager
  • I now feel that I’m in a far better position to know what is good for me in a work environment and I feel a lot more confident about the choices I make and that I am doing things for the right reasons.

    Tom W
    Senior Engineer

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